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The 13 Essential Drum Rudiments

Here we have early 1950’s recordings of the 13 essential drum rudiments. Each rudiment is introduced by Wm. F Ludwig Sr. and then played by Wm. F Ludwig Jr. The best part about it I think is Ludwig Senior’s introductions and how he provides a helpful onomatopoeia for each one, for example, “da da, ma ma,” for the double stroke roll. Joe used that one to teach me.

1- Intro and Long Roll

2- Five-stroke Roll

3- Seven-stroke Roll

4- Flam

5- Flam Accent

6- Flam Paradiddle

7- Flamacue

8- Ruff

9- Single Drag

10- Double Drag

11- Double Paradiddle

12- Single Ratamacue

13- Triple Ratamacue (and outro)

Here is a link to Wikipedia’s article on drum rudiments, the 13 essentials and the other 27 as well. I suppose there are percussionists that play them all every day. More power to them!

by Pierce

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  • 1 terry // Mar 23, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    Excellent article, Pierce. I got such a kick out of the way old man Ludwig reads the intros and the onomatopoeia prompts. LOL. He delivers an authoritative tone. A fun piece of history.

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